Stewards of Children is an award-winning educational curriculum directed toward adults and has a proven record of changing their protective behaviors, resulting in better protection of children. Our Stewards of Children two-hour training helps increase awareness of the prevalence, consequences and circumstances of child sexual abuse. This specially designed training equips adults in the community with skills to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly. Organizations, as well as individuals, can be proactive in creating policies and procedures that reflect a commitment to the protection of children. This should include knowing the types of situations in which abuse might occur and strategies to avert these situations.

Habersham County has trained over 5% of its adult population in Stewards of Children’s child sexual abuse prevention training! Let’s make Habersham County a safe place for children. Join Prevent Child Abuse Habersham in reaching 10% of the adult population. If you are part of a youth serving organization, or just a concerned adult, contact the Family Resource Center about Stewards of Children training. Together we can change the way our community responds to child sexual abuse and protect the innocence of our youth.

We will come to your organization and train as a group or you may sign up for one of our public training dates!