Congratulations! We are so proud of the participants who successfully completed our intensive 17-week program entitled, “How to Nurture Yourself and Others.” It is a program produced by the “Nurturing Parenting Curriculum” designed to strengthen and support individuals in substance abuse recovery. Pictured in the center is Macon Wrenn, the class facilitator and our very own PAT Parent Educator. Here are just a few comments from students about this life-changing program:

Experiences from class that I will take with me:

“That all our foundational building blocks are formed as children and if we do not experience and overcome that stage as a child, we go back and repeat the process as we get older.”

How has this class impacted my life experiences or helped me to find peace within myself?

“The class has taught me that there are other people who understand what I was going through and are willing to listen and help if I ask.”

If I could share anything with future participants of this class it would be:

“Show up to every class and participate in class discussions. You learn so much from other people and their experiences and everyone in the class can relate to what you are going through.”