Our 17-week class entitled, “How to Nurture Yourself and Others” is in full swing! This is a course designed for families in substance abuse treatment and recovery. At a recent class, instructor Macon Wrenn led a discussion on the topic of communication. Participants discussed the different types of words used when describing themselves as they recover from substance abuse, and words used by others about them being in recovery. They did a “burning” exercise used to symbolize the burning away of hurtful words that have been said about them. Hurtful words are many times carried around like heavy baggage throughout life. This exercise was a meaningful time of reflection and forgiveness.

“How to Nurture Yourself and Others” is a Nurturing Parenting Program Curriculum built on the principles of relational development. Participants explore their childhood experiences, their fears, and their strengths. They explore the effects of substance abuse on themselves and their families, and strengthen their recovery. Throughout the 17 weeks, participants develop self-awareness and build nurturing skills using a variety of techniques and activities that accommodate different learning styles.

Who can benefit from this course?

Partners of parenting adults in treatment and recovery, extended family members who may be parenting children of substance abusing adults, and adults in treatment and/or recovery for substance abuse problems and who are in parenting relationships with children. Participants need not have children in order to benefit from this program.

Note: The current weekly class will continue through November 8, 2017. A new session will be scheduled at the beginning of 2018. Please check back on this website for further announcements.