Students from Tallulah Falls School Varsity Track & Field team eased the stress of the upcoming holidays by adopting one of our families that recently received full reunification with their children. While rebuilding one’s life and living in recovery there are many challenges for parents as they take each day to make grounded efforts in providing for their families. The added stress of the holidays and demands on a family’s budget places extra weight on our families so it was a blessing for the students to offer to help this Holiday season. The team eagerly provided a fully decorated Christmas tree and Christmas gifts for such family. They shared how much fun they experienced picking out the gifts, wrapping them, and then decorating the Christmas tree. They felt this type of project would directly help someone impact children and their parents in a positive way and had fun in the process of picking out the thoughtful gifts and decorations. The students met at the Family Resource Center and spread Christmas cheer when they not only decorated a tree for the family they sponsored, but they also decorated a tree for The Family Resource Center for the families to enjoy when they come for supervised visitation. Now even families that cannot celebrate Christmas at home with their children, due to past family conflict or DFCS involvement, can have the joy of placing gifts under the tree and see the wonderment in their child’s eyes when they arrive for visitation.

It was evident that these students efforts made an impact when the parent that received the tree and wrapped gifts witnessed what the students had provided for her family and tears of joy welled in her eyes and she said how touched she was that, “they did this for me?” Such acts of kindness are what makes our community special and shows how we can help build a strong community, one family at a time.

In the pictures are students: Jesse Gulle, Cindy Trusty, Perry Gresham, Anna Davis, Sydney Spivey, Madison Ball. Other students that helped with the project are Sara Catherine Fordham, Zac Smith, and Ajani Macintosh.