Family visitation provides children and their visiting parent(s) an opportunity to spend time together under the supported observation of a trained professional where their emotional and physical safety are monitored, and as necessary, intervention and redirection are provided.

Supervised Visitation Forms

Three Visitation Services Offered:

  • Monitored Visitation
  • Transitional Visitation
  • Neutral Exchanges for Joint Custody Cases.

Important Notice:

We cannot guarantee a day of the week or time of day. Court orders should ONLY provide the frequency of visitation and the length of the visitation. For example 2 hours weekly. All scheduling of visitation and exchanges is done by The Family Resource Center, not via the court order. We have one visitation room and may be at capacity on certain days of the week.

Both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent must complete an orientation prior to the start of any visitation. Orientations are scheduled by appointment only, please do not just drop in as we may be busy serving families. Thank You

See Our Facilities!

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