New and informative classes designed to support thriving families are introduced throughout the year. Here is a sampling of upcoming classes available to the community (in alphabetical order):

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce

This is an 10-week interactive parenting course that examines the complex realities of divorce. It is an award-winning, video-based program that gives divorcing or separating parents the power to make positive changes. Participants learn how to shield their children from parental conflict and guides them into establishing a long-term relationship with their children’s other parent. The curriculum is court–approved and evidence-based. Cost: $500 per person and BOTH parents need to attend (Payment plan available). Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming classes.

Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce Seminar

This is 5-hour seminar that is court-approved and evidence-based. It is designed to prevent divorce abuse—a specific type of emotional abuse that divorcing parents cause when, in their anger and bitterness, they lose sight of their child’s needs. Cost: $60 per person and participants do NOT need to attend with their ex-spouses.

Families in Action: Parenting of Teens

A 6-week course developed around the premise that parents and teens are more likely to learn successfully when they learn together. Both parents and teens(ages 11-16) attend this program’s six dynamic and fun sessions. They spend part of each session in separate groups learning complementary skills. Then parents and teens come together for activities and discussion—a powerful learning experience. Cost: $450 per family (payment plan available).

Healthy Cooking on a Budget Workshop

This workshop will teach participants how to maximize their food budget to prepare easy, healthy and delicious meals! Workshops will be scheduled throughout the year at the Family Resource Center. Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming cooking workshops.

How to Nurture Yourself and Others

A 17-week course designed to help families in substance abuse recovery and treatment. Please Note: These classes cannot be joined after the first week. See details.

Life Skills for Thriving Families

The community is invited to these free one-hour classes that will be offered regularly. Each class covers one topic and will be taught by a specially trained instructor. Topics will include: how to bathe a baby, safe sleep for baby, car seate safety, space heater safety, purple crying and many more. Keep an eye on our events page to see all future classes.

Mandated Reporter Training

It will take just one and a half hours for you to learn how to better recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect, understand your role in responsible reporting, and identify the groups of children that may be at a higher risk of being abused or neglected.

Nurturing Parenting Classes

These classes are open to the community and are designed to build nurturing parenting skills and positive child-rearing practices. Stay tuned to our Events page for upcoming classes. Please Note: Cannot be joined after the first week of class.

Parent Cafés

This is more of a support group than a class, but is designed for parents to meet each month to connect and learn strenghthening factors that empower them to be the very best parent for their child. Stay tuned to our “Events” page to see upcoming Parent Cafes.

Prenatal Education Workshop

A judgement-free zone to ask questions about your pregnancy, baby care, WIC, Medicaid, insurance, staying healthy and more! Keep an eye on the events page to see when another workshop will be held.

STAR Education and Support Group- Strategic Trauma Abuse Recovery

This is a class/support group that helps participants move through the healing process from adverse childhood experiences. It is a 7-week class based on the workbook entitled, “Breaking Every Stinking Chain.” Please Note: This class cannot be joined after the first week.

Stewards of Children Training Class

A two-hour training that empowers adults through awareness and education to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Classes are offered throughout the year.