Everyone who “graduates” from our counseling program is gifted with a quilted “throw” blanket that was carefully crafted by the Faith Quilters Ministry from the First Baptist Church of Cornelia. Each quilt has a quote on it that says, “This quilt was stitched with love and prayer that God will keep you in His care.”

Ed and Patsy Vaugh from Faith Quilters Ministry, delivering more quilts for our children.

We are pleased to announce that two very special young ladies (pre-teens) recently completed counseling at the Family Resource Center. We can’t show their faces, but we can show you their beautiful quilts. Our counseling professionals meet with individuals who have survived difficult childhood experiences, helping them find healthy ways to cope with and recover from their traumatic experiences.

Both girls also added their handprints to our tree (see below). The leaves of our tree are made up of handprints of individuals who have completed counseling and of children who have been reunified with their parent(s).