Parents and caretakers are invited to participate in this fun crafting project at the Family Resource Center. And it’s FREE! Each participant will make a “Calm Down Water Shaker,” which is a very useful and much-needed tool for anxious children (see picture below). It can provide a way for all children (and adults) to engage in sensory play that is portable, no-mess, and safe. Older children can begin to examine the inner workings of the bottle and the items placed inside while younger children can investigate items that are not yet safe for them to touch.

Wednesday, March 14

1:00 ’til 2:00 PM

Please RSVP HERE so we can have enough supplies for all participants!

BENEFITS of a Calm Down Water Shaker

  • Visual sensory play from babies right up through elementary school
  • Excellent tool for anxiety, simply shake and focus on the bottle
  • Great for calm down time or as a time out tool. Slip one in a basket of calm down goodies or in a quiet space for when your child needs to regroup and spend a few minutes alone
  • Color play
  • Language development, anything that can spark curiosity and interest makes for great social interaction