We’re planning a fun “knit in” for all knitters and crocheters to make purple infant hats to be used as reminders to new mothers about the period of purple crying. You can use your own patterns or Get Patterns Here

Thursday, November 30
9:00-11:00 AM  OR  6:00-8:00 PM

Be sure to bring some soft purple yarn and your needles. Deep purple is best because it can be a hat for a boy or a girl. Come prepared to have a great time as you connect with others who want to make a difference in our community. Refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP Here so we can plan for refreshments.

What is the Period of Purple Crying?

The Period of PURPLE Crying is a new way to help parents understand the crying stage of their baby’s life, which is a normal part of every infant’s development. When these babies are going through this period they seem to resist soothing. Nothing helps. Even though certain soothing methods may help when they are simply fussy or crying, bouts of inconsolable crying are different. Nothing seems to soothe them.They can cry for hours and still be healthy and normal. Parents often think there must be something wrong or they would not be crying like this. However, even after a check-up from the doctor which shows the baby is healthy they still go home and cry for hours, night after night.

Our First Steps Program distributes a Period of Purple Crying Booklet/DVD set (pictured) to each new mother at Habersham Medical Center that explains this period of crying which used to be called “colic.” When a purple hat is also given to the family, it reinforces this message and serves as a reminder of how to cope with incessant crying. Sustained crying in a child is the number one cause of shaken baby syndrome.

If you can’t attend and wish to contribute purple knitted hats, please mail or drop them by our office. Monetary donations are also welcomed.

You can also host a “Knit In” in your home with friends during November and “Click for Babies.”