Communication’s officers from Habersham County’s E-911 Center, Lindsey, Samantha and Kenny know firsthand the importance of preventing infant mortality by training parents in safe sleep practices and the Period of Purple Crying. While working the wee hours of the night-shift, they knitted and crocheted purple infant caps to compliment the Period Purple of Crying DVD/Booklet distributed to each new mother at the Habersham Medical Center by our First Steps Program. The DVD/Booklet helps teach parents various soothing techniques to use when infants go through periods of crying and parents feel overwhelmed and uncertain of how to care for their infant.

This donation of infant hats helps us prevent shaken baby syndrome and the potential brain damage that infants can experience if a caregiver responds to their infant in a way that jostles the brain. We appreciate their talents and time in crafting these precious caps for us to give out during our First Steps hospital visits.