We are passionate about helping victims heal and lead more productive and fulfilling lives. So we are thrilled to announce that thanks to additional funding for 2018 from The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, our Counseling Program is growing!! We will be able to serve even more victims of child abuse and difficult childhood experiences.

This year our professional therapists have worked closely with 27 adult survivors and 62 child victims and next year we expect to serve a total of 149 victims of child abuse. We provide counseling to individuals with childhood trauma related to abandonment, bullying, pornography, traumatic grief, child of substance abuse using parent, child of incarcerated parent, and children that are traumatized by the effects of divorce and separation.

Testimonials from Our Counseling Clients:

Adult –
“I’m allowing myself to want more for my life as an adult. I never felt that I was deserving due to my childhood. Through dealing with these issues in counseling I have more strength to go after what I deserve – a better life.”

17 year old female-
“Journaling and practicing mindfulness has helped me focus on the positive things in my life, which adds to my level of happiness and well-being.”

10 year old boy-
“playing with the sand helps me [talk] about the hard things that make me frustrated.”

We’re making great strides in helping families to thrive throughout Northeast Georgia! If you would like more information about our counseling program please click here to find more information.