Jennifer Stein, Executive Director

A Note From Our Director:

PCAH has been going through such incredible growth since we first opened the Family Resource Center. It is encouraging to see families embrace our offerings and to see a spark of hope emerge while we work with them. The immediate success of our family resource center concept, by families and stakeholders alike, led our agency to open an additional location, coined our Annex, which is helping meet the increased demand for our programs and services.

At the heart of our work we are continuing the 25 year legacy started by Prevent Child Abuse Habersham of preventing child maltreatment and accidental child injury and death through quality programming, but over the past eighteen months we have expanded our footprint to support families in our surrounding counties in Northeast Georgia—thus new branding as the Family Resource Center of Northeast Georgia.

We are getting to the root cause of child maltreatment—Adverse Childhood Experiences. Untreated, these adversities stack up and the aftershocks of childhood trauma spread like a virus crippling each child’s human potential. Approximately 1 in 4 children are at risk, but with your financial support you can help us re-write the future of over 400 children this year alone. Even the behaviors of well-intentioned parents may unintentionally lead their children to feel unloved, especially when we consider that we are the sum of our own childhood experiences it is understandable how the cycle of generational abuse continues.

You can help us draw a line in the sand and help us improve a family’s overall functioning as your monetary contribution funds real, sustainable and effective change for families in our hometown. Thank you for joining our vision of a community where every child is safe, healthy and resilient, and every parent receives parent education and, if needed, has trauma-informed care.

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