Aubrey and Marilyn Motz have been very involved with Prevent Child Abuse Habersham through the years. Marilyn is a survivor of child abuse and became one of our most vocal advocates. She was a board member throughout the 1990s and served as President of our Board of Directors from 2001 through 2004. Aubrey served as President from 2007 through 2009. Here is a brief walk down memory lane, written by Marilyn.

The PAST is also the PRESENT and the FUTURE in an abused child’s life. I have spoken to many abused women who agree with me. What happens to us as children is still very much a mental and social reality in the present, which continues to affect our lives. Even with professional help, which many survivors of child abuse do not receive, past abuse impacts our choices, our attitudes and much of the time even our health and well-being. Prayer and faith in our heavenly Father is our sustainer. I praise Him every day.

I feel both humbled and privileged to have served as President of Prevent Child Abuse Habersham. This organization has had many challenges and growing pains but with outstanding community support, a committed board of directors and dedicated staff, we have met the challenges and have become a better organization through this process.

When I became President of PCAH in 2003, there were 5 members at the first board meeting I attended which was held in the Fellowship Hall of one of our local churches. We increased the board to 16 dedicated members in approximately one year! These were people who loved children and wanted to make a difference, realizing the harm child abuse was causing in our community, both in the present and future. We prepared literature explaining what PCAH was all about and that our goal was to prevent child abuse in all its forms. We began making personal calls and appearances including to law enforcement officials, judges and family violence officials. We made presentations to local civic clubs such as Kiwanis, Rotary and others. We partnered with churches, financial institutions, small business owners and local industries to spread the word about the importance of child abuse prevention. Habersham Medical Center was and continues to be a great partner. Many individual community leaders also stepped forward to support us personally. Every supporter is of the utmost importance.

The board began meeting in a room in the small government housing project in Cornelia, but when I left several years later we were meeting on the second-floor conference room of the Hampton Inn in Cornelia where we had sufficient space and electronic efficiency, along with much better visibility.

Those years were stepping stones to where Prevent Child Abuse Habersham finds itself now with the addition of the Family Resource Center. Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Jennifer Stein, and the outstanding staff and board of directors, PCAH is at a high-water mark in the programs it provides to the public in Northeast Georgia.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband, Aubrey, who also served several years as PCAH President. He extended his full support, helped and encouraged me in every way, and I will never forget our years of service. The challenges are numerous but with the professional talent and commitment of PCAH, significant progress is being made. It has been a wonderful blessing to be part of this organization.

 -Written by Marilyn Motz

Consider donating in Honor of Marilyn and Aubrey’s service to our community and the impact they made in the lives of so many children!